Yesterday, I went to Zirca to support 2 of my dance guy friends for Mr. Singapore.  Really funny. Come guys have awesome 8 packs man and they (meaning the packs) were really define.  They had the body shape and the back muscles. Omg. Totally drop dead gorgeous body man! But some had the body but no height while some had the height but no body.  Awww saddening but it was fun.  Quite an experience.  The whole event started at 10.15 but ended at 11. Just a 45mins event. -.- Super duper short!  But here’s the exciting part.  I officially CLUBBED until 2 am and I had a trusted friend to send me home. Woot! (: Hahaha.  It was a AMAZING experience. (:  It was fun dancing on the dance floor with your friends WHO are in dancesport man! They seriously know how to enjoy.   However this is bad!  This means I’m aiming for another dance time in the club. Eek! :S

I guess everything is going to be rather hectic tomorrow onwards.  Preparation for SL Camp! (:

At least we are 70% done with identity. This year’s identity is awesome!!!! We have our usual headband with a red feather sticking up.  We braided it with 3 colours – yellow, white & red. Nice! We save a lot on workmanship like sewing and painting.  And we have a new  identity this year – Dream catcher (:  Believe it or not, it is all hand-made! Every tread, beads and feathers.  Haha! But the outcome is truly truly amazing!  Honestly can’t wait for RC to come.  My final one and it’s gonna end in a blast! (: