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I’m a confused, mixed up little girl.


Staring at my clock now it’s 11.11 pm.  I had a blissful 45 minutes, my definition of happiness. Haha!  45 minutes ago, I was sitting at Mac’s with you by my side while you were there munching on a Happy meal’s double cheese burger.  (: Laid my head down on your shoulder and took a whiff and man you smell good although you smell like your car! I wonder why do you always smell so good!  It makes me feel stinky around you.  hahah! I kinda enjoy just doing that.  Watch you munch on food, looking at passerby, have funny conversations and taking in your scent.  (: In a few more hours you’re leaving for States, New Mexico. I asked, ” Do you have to go?” I had that question in my head but never expected it to be blub out like that!  You tried comforting me by saying you’ll be gone for 10 days.  Apparently the comforting is not working.  ): Everything was going so well no interruptions, no nothing.  Not until dad’s msg came in by saying he is at the car park.  That was an anticlimax.  Shucks!!! What a nice timing dad.  Hahah!

A few days ago, Open house just ended & graduating seniors gave their speech. 

A few days ago, I met Papa Kenny during the 3rd day of OH. He and 2 other seniors were disturbing the new year 1 juniors. HAHAH! Tsk!

A few days ago, one of my uncle passed away.

A few days ago, life was like shit.

A few days ago, I went into a heated argument with my mom while trying get my point across to her by explaining to her which at the end of the day fail resulted ME to end up hiding in the bathroom crying thinking HOW CRAPPY THE FAMILY IS GETTING. Finally when my mom asked me for my opinion on the issue, I just told her STRAIGHT, “I’m very tired of all the commotion that is going on. I’m not gonna be bothering about it anymore. Everytime when I tried telling you my viewpoint, you just shut me off. So let me ask you, what’s the point in asking for my views when all you just do is shut me off?” At that moment, I left and went back to my room to sleep.

A few days ago, I went back to Swiss for Course counselling due to release of “O” level result and I really missed the days I was still wearing school uniform.  Being rebellious, having shirts tucked out, socks as low as they never seemed to be there. Tried escaping from school by CRAWLING under the gate.  Disturb the teacher by using a remote to control the visualizer. Ordered pizza and sneak it to class.  Baked cake for April babies in sec 3.  That was how exciting my sec sch life was. (:

A few days ago, I found out how my entire year was gonna be.  And one conclusion, this year is a BAD year.

A few days ago, I received my CT results. Everything was fine except for audit.  ): oh dear. Needa buck up.

A few days ago, I met Jon’s brother, Ben Chia.  Funny, exciting, adorable, cute.  Too bad he’s a small boy! If he was my younger brother, HA!, he will be spoiled! But too bad!!! I still enjoy being the youngest.

A few days ago, I met Jon.  It’s been a LONG 2 weeks. Walked ’till we were tired. So we sat down and talked.  I pity my fingers.  I require payment okay! You owe me another letter!!! The Xmas one is so SHORT!!!! Humph.  Don’t worry, you hadn’t neglected me in any way so don’t feel bad.  However, if you do, you could just write me another letter. =P  I still remember how I’ve forgotten to return your shades which caused me to miss my train & took the same train as you.  So I said I’ll be alighting the same place as you. but you stated that I could alight at city hall. I was cursing and swearing at you, almost had the urge to yell at you “I wanted to spent more time with you” but I didn’t TO SAVE YOU THE EMBARESSMENT!  I lied.  When it was time to say goodbye, I wasn’t looking forward.  Because when we do, it always feels like it’s a last goodbye.  I’m gonna say it & I’ll say it.  A goodbye hug from you that day was so emotionless. I didn’t like it and I was sad throughout the train ride to my GF’s place.


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