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Hello!!! A few thing to update!
Meet Jon today to watch Avata! Like finally, after a week.  
After that, went to help Julia boss’s even Cathedral of the Good Shepherd!
From 6pm to 11 plus.  Feels so ancient to be there.
A few of us were hungry so we went to grab food at Mac’s & cab home.
Haha. Ooo I drank champagne too. LOL. P.S. First time I reached home at 1am.
Christmas is 4 days away!! Yeppie!!!! (:
Had performance on saturday!! Videos all credited to dear sher! (:

Jive performance!
 Our very first item performed to bring up the christmas spirit with “Jingle Bell Rock”.
Don’t mind the front and the end.

Cha Cha performance! We’re the ending item!!
Haha! You can never imagine how long we took to change into our next costumes. 
Estimated less than10 mins…  Imagine how rush we were!! ==”

Hello people. I’m back blogging again. LOL! I know like finally, I can so hear you shout that to me. It’s like the mids of my papers now.  3rd paper on thurs and FRIDAY IS MY LAST PAPER!!!  YAHOOOOO~~~

And you know what this means??  CHRISTMAS IS COMNG SOON!!!  My tummy starts to tingle the moment I think about it! Hehe!  Anyway, I happen to read this from my dear Nat’s blog and I was like OMG I TOTALLY CAN FEEL WHAT SHE MEANT AND I AGREE ON IT!


You know what is happiness all about? It’s waking up in the middle of the night for no reason, shifting under the blankets and feeling the heat of the person next to you. You turn around and see them in their most peaceful and innocent state. They breathe like the weight of the world lays on anyone’s shoulder but their own one. You smile, kiss them, careful not to wake them up without turning and tossing around. Although you are at your most uncomfortable position, you hope not to wake them up, staying still. Even if you need to head down to the toilet, you hold your bladder trying not to move an inch to wake him up. You feel an arm wrap around your waist, and you know that it doesn’t get much better than this.

Credits: baby nat!

I’m proud of myself today. (:
I’m preparing well for my papers next week.
Jiayou Pam. 4 more days to 1st paper. 
4 papers, 4 days!

Besides that, for once I felt true to myself.
I’ve said what I’ve wanted to say for quite sometime.
I was inspired by my dear, Nat, to say it out. 
She said,” Why not say. Your live is short.”
And now that it is out, I was like “FINALLY”. 

I realised the importance of you in my life
and now I do know what you meant at that point of time.
I’m grateful for what you’ve done for me
and I just want things to stay as how it is now.
You’ll always be missed.

I think I can sleep relatively well tonight. (:
With your sweet smelling colone still lingering around, it feels as if you’ve never left. (:

Good Night. Sleep tight. Hugs.
You’re missed!


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