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Some people tend to define that the best things/gift as

the bigger the better


the more expensive the gift the better it is.

The greed of a human nature is unavoidable

However, has it ever cross their mind that

The best things/gift still comes in small packages?

Okay!!! I somehow am “FORCED” to write a post to my dear god-brother.

It’s gonna be a really short post because I can’t seem to have the inspiration to write but this is for my god-brother.  He is just dying to see a post for himself. HAHA!! okay! I should just write now.

If you’re reading, Jon this is for you. 

Specially for you okay! Don’t say I never write for you.

I’m trying to say it right and have been rehearsing this for quite some time.

I had the words planned down but now nothing’s coming out.

I know it sounds so cliche but when we’re together, its feels like I’ve know you forever.

Exciting, familiar but new. 

You see me for what I can be in everything. 

It’s become rather hard for me to be surprised but in one way or another you’re helping me bring back the real me. 

No judgement in your eyes when I’m near you.

No one else I see the one that sees me for what I can be in everything.

That’s how I speak the truth. 

It’s just classic that we met.

I have a human PANDA BEAR

Cuddly & Adorable. Hurhur. (:

but I shalt disclose who.


HAHAH! Don’t ask me how I got this name

Till Then


Those were the day where we all were still naive and innocent little cupcakes.

Sze Rui, Natalie, Serene, Daryl, John, Shao Yan, Young Hwan

My “babies”. My dearest. My cupcakes. My friends. My pillar of support. My everything

We couldn’t really differentiate the difference between the good & the bad, the ugly and the beauty.

I miss you my dears!

I stumbled across SR’s blog this morning. What I saw was frames of the past & short meaningful captions. 

A picture speak a thousand words!  It does reminds me of the times we had. 

Your mean so much to me!

Every second we’ve spent, every min we’ve endured, every hour passed not in pain but in joy. 

Joy that we have each others company.  It didn’t matter if there were petty quarrels, slight internal conflicts.  At the end of the day, it ends off with a tight hug & a forgiving smile.  That was how close we are. 

I know we’ve come so far but we’ve got so far to go.

I know the road seems long but it won’t be long till its time to go.

Most days we’ll take it fast & some nights we’ll take it slow.

I know we’ve come so far but we’ve got so far to go.

SR, 10 long years already & we’re still going strong. I wanna go Australia with you again! HAHA! I miss those days too! We should go overseas one day ya! Tgt with Nat and the rest of the crazy, idiotic, retarded yet funny bunch of peeps! Be strong my dear, I’m always here for you. (:

Nat, I’m super glad that I was in the same class as you in sec 3 and yea apprently I stumbled across your blog too! And I read your post! (: (:  Catch up soon dear, I miss you too! You too, for your exams! Jiayou! (: Be strong too my dear.  Be determine. I want to see “this” back in you okay.  It doesn’t matter how long you take.  Take it slow. I’m sure, it’ll naturally flow back into you.  Time tells all tale.  (:

For my two dearest, ring me & I’ll be there for your girls okay! Even if it’s fighting fire with fire, I will do my utmost best just to get rid of your frowns on your faces & see your wonderful smiles once again.

Anyway, bottom line, I LOVE YOU GIRLS TO BITS! If I could store your in a glass jar, I would!   Hehe! And your will be by my side 24/7! Cool right!

Till then.


Have you ever desire for something real bad?

However deep down in your heart, you knew that you can never have it.

It’s forbidden to have or to even speak of it.

To see is to touch;

To touch is to hold;

To hold is to long;

To long is to desire.

Yet when time is ticking away, you tend to grow ford of this “forbidden desire“.

No matter how hard you try to get grid of it, it still lingers within the air you breath.

Frankly speaking, I am drawn to this “desire“.

This “forbidden” somehow brings delight to my heart.

The thrill, the excitement.

To thine it was granted and shrined, sacred and sincere it was in my eyes, false and ardent was it proclaimed in thine.

I’m a “sinner” to guilt for owning the one pure “desire

Guilty as I may be, the “forbidden desire” is devouring me slowly.

Never ask me what this “forbidden desire” is, for, I have no idea.

It’s just an unspoken feeling that I can’t seem to express. 

 What about you?

What is your forbidden desire?

I need to start saving. o.O

Performance is today!!! Weet~~

Hopefully some kind soul sends me the video! Hehe.


Till Then


When I see, I feel twisted inside.

When I have it by my side, I don’t feel a thing.

Envy,Jealousy, a Desire or its just me, not wanting to share.

Sign.. Oh well.


Till then


For a very moment, I had the urge to head down to the beach at such an unearthly hour. 

Feeling the soft sand in between my toes while strolling along the beach. 

Staring across the horizon, I feel a sense of peace and tranquility.


The ocean is as beautiful as it can be,

The sunset setting behind it,

Making a beautiful scene. 


 I stare into the ocean.

Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me?

When will my refelection show, who I’m inside?
As I’m walking, I hear the birds chirping behind me,

Chirping softly, as they depart to sleep,

Just like how I drift off from the world at times. 


As it get quiet, I still hear the crunching of the sand and the spashing of waves as it hits the shore.

The taste in my mouth is a mixure.

A mixture of salt from the ocean and from the night air,

As the taste lingers in m mouth,

I lay on the sand staring up to the night sky.

Okay. I basically got this whole part from a friend of mine. I am really glad that she has moved on. (:

I just the the way she wrote it. So I just post it here.



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OMGOSH! Another week has pass!


I had a hectic schedule ahead for me!!! ZZZZ

Wednesday was the worst day! Seriously!  9 to 5 straight class. PLUS NO BREAK IN BETWEEN!

After the 2nd tutorial all of of ZONK OUT! LOL! It was that bad…

And I think I’d lost my folder in one of the classes.   Sign….

OH OH OH! I passed my BTT!! (: okay lah! perhaps its nothing great BUT BUT at least I pass!

Hahah! can take circuit lessons already!! (: And my FTT is next month! Weet~ Fast!

But oh crap I kinda have another busy schedule ahead of me! :S

Ytd was Kor Kor Jon’s 21st B’day! Head at Safra Changi! Far man! I tell you!

Heng got Dian sweet dad to drop us home. (: AND HE DROPPED US OFF RIGHT AT THE DOOR STEPS! SO sweet right!

Thanks Dian dear. Anyway Jon,

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY my dear. (:

Had fun with all the ambassadorial peeps! So no worries ya! (: Self entertainment! HAHAHA!

Went up to the room and cam-whore.

Went downstairs for cake cutting session! And papa Kenny, was Jon’s personal photographer!

Professional one eh! Got business card some more! He charged too!!!!

Slacked at the couch for awhile while having cake. All of our ears are DUMBO’s ear. SUPER LARGE! aha!

Eavesdropping on people.  Actually cannot really consider it as eavesdropping lah, is more like they speak really loud, so we heard everything. AHHA!

After awhile we headed to the playground, played, cam whored then Dian, Azizah & me left first.

When I entered my house door, my cousins were still here! HAHA! They came over for dinner. 

Cheese fondue, seafood fondue & Chocolate fondue! (:

Btw they were shocked that I walked into the house with my Swiss uniform! HAHA!

Jon’s theme party was sec sch uniform. So yea.

I wanted to go home shower then sleep but then with them around how can I?!

So rude to so do. Played wii together with everyone until 1. Then I went to bed!

Okay. I gtg now! TO SCHOOL! for project. Sign….

Till then



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