I wish I’m the one beside you. (:

Cause it’s too late

There’s no escape

Might as well face it.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Scream. Shout. Yell. Cry.

This is what I need to do now.

Yesterday, I went to Zirca to support 2 of my dance guy friends for Mr. Singapore.  Really funny. Come guys have awesome 8 packs man and they (meaning the packs) were really define.  They had the body shape and the back muscles. Omg. Totally drop dead gorgeous body man! But some had the body but no height while some had the height but no body.  Awww saddening but it was fun.  Quite an experience.  The whole event started at 10.15 but ended at 11. Just a 45mins event. -.- Super duper short!  But here’s the exciting part.  I officially CLUBBED until 2 am and I had a trusted friend to send me home. Woot! (: Hahaha.  It was a AMAZING experience. (:  It was fun dancing on the dance floor with your friends WHO are in dancesport man! They seriously know how to enjoy.   However this is bad!  This means I’m aiming for another dance time in the club. Eek! :S

I guess everything is going to be rather hectic tomorrow onwards.  Preparation for SL Camp! (:

At least we are 70% done with identity. This year’s identity is awesome!!!! We have our usual headband with a red feather sticking up.  We braided it with 3 colours – yellow, white & red. Nice! We save a lot on workmanship like sewing and painting.  And we have a new  identity this year – Dream catcher (:  Believe it or not, it is all hand-made! Every tread, beads and feathers.  Haha! But the outcome is truly truly amazing!  Honestly can’t wait for RC to come.  My final one and it’s gonna end in a blast! (:


Speak to me darling;

All my dreams are coming down.

Honestly, I am in no mood to blog about anything.

So until then, I’m warning you. DO NOT bug me to blog.

I’m leaving for awhile. Tata~

It has been the craaazziieesttt weeks.  Heading out meeting CK, Ju and Alvin for movies, dinner, kite flying and best of all we spend 5 hours in the lan shop.  Playing L4D2 & counterstrike.  (Y)  A continuous ongoing event for the consecutive weeks. 

I guess other then that nothing much has been going on. Oh yea other then dance lessons.  Sometimes I really wonder did I get myself into a bad situation.  Honesty, I had no idea she felt that way. -.- If you didn’t feel right talking to me, don’t bust out at me.  LOL. Making it seem like I’m a third party in you r/s. LIKE EXCUSE ME!! I TOTALLY HAVE NO INTEREST.

IT Fair. Doesn’t seems crazy but HELL YEA IT’S CRAZY! My feet is killing me. I rather do tons of ambassador’s duty then cashiering. Sigh. I skipped lunch cos the food was horrible. Bleah!  If you think pine’s in bad that is worst.  And please queue up! One at a time man! It’s not like I have a thousand hands man!!! Seriously!

What a morning to start with! Heavy rain with clashing thunderstorms.  Here I am up in the morning, ready to leave for work where I could be snoozing off away in such a amazing weather.  FYI getting woken up this week at 3am in the morning by an alarm is no freaking joke.  But its onky until the end of this week! Hopefully. :S 

Nothing much has been going on except work, dance, home, sleep and outings once in awhile.  Other then that, the weather is somewhat getting colder.  Oh yea and the flooding seems to be worst.  Phew it doesnt hit me in clementi and at wilkie edge.  I’ll just cry if i do. 

I’m finally going to meet Zizi soon!! We shall go have fish! HAHAH! Yea. Jon is not here.  Usually it;s the standard 3 of us that we’ll go have fish. so yea.  I decided to drag Abraham along who told me to drive his car. LOL. he hadnt gotten his license and he has a car. POWER RIGHT! I honestly still feels that he is pulling my leg.  Oh wwell. haha! when the day come, I shall see. (:

Alrighties. gotta go!! Byeeee~~~

It’s been raining non stop. Brrrr I just dislike the cold weather here!! Plus IT’S FREEZING IN THE OFFICE. Oh well. Endure Pam. You have roughly 3 weeks left! (: And VACATION HERE I COME! (: Recently, I’ve been having adrealine rush to dance.  I guess it happens once you hadn’t danced in awhile and just went for a competition. 

Oh yea I managed to get into MSN by IMO in the office. FINALLY!!! I see civilisation.  My company is plain cruel!  They block FB and MSN. Fine, I understand that BUT THEY BLOCK EMAILS TOO!! ): Until recently I tired IMO! OH YES! I can finally talk to people.  HAHAHAH! But like with about 3 weeks left, I managed to go on MSN. OH WOW! How nice.  BUT it is at least something better than nothing. (:

I’m saving. I’m saving. I’m saving for a trip to Sydney and Melbourne after graduation in Feb next year! How awesome is that!! I pray man! I can go and have enough to travel!!!! HAHAH! Oh boy this means starting to plan for my future path. Eekk!! Local or overseas.  Accountancy or something new (which I have yet to discover) oh boy… oh boy.. sigh…  It’s kinda sucky to grow up sometimes. ):

Recently I’ve been told I deserve better… Much much better.  Come to think of it. Yes I do. Easier said than done to just close both eyes and pretend.  But thank you dear, (: it was really sweet to have mentioned that.


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